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In PH Global Advisor, we provide compliance checks, counterparty/customer Risk analysis (underwriting/scoring), audit your existing procedures and guidelines and come with recommendations in order to improve performance and risk model. We test your approval system, and we can help increase the knowledge of your existing team. Our objectives include making sure that international compliance requirements are satisfied, that all documents (incorporation, shareholding structure) are received, validated and available, that customers are not involved in fraud, tax evasion, corruption, mafia, significant litigation and any wrong doing that could prevent from performing ethical business, and that fund origins are controlled and validated. We help making sure that the quality of your investments is maximised, that the adequate security is required, that the full underwriting process is completed, including the scoring of your customers, that the key credit risk indicators are monitored. We help in portfolio management, and macroeconomic analysis.


Entreprise Risk Management

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Procedures and Compliance

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Credit Reviews and Ratings

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PH Global Advisor provides a unique credit rating service and ensures the quality of your company ’s investments.
PH Global Advisor makes you become aware of the risks you are taking.

What makes it different from other rating agencies?




Assignment: Create a Risk department, using a proper risk scoring matrix. Support double digit growth of the company.

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Assignment: Provide a purchase price for a company to acquire

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Assignment: Provide a new way to customize sales offer to large multinationals in order to differentiate from competitors.

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As CEO of PH Global Advisor, I am a recognized Expert Risk Consultant with over 30 years of experience within industry and insurance sectors, including 12 years as C.R.O. with a subsidiary of GE Capital involved in Asset management, where he gained significant experience in Enterprise and Strategic Risk Management, managing a team of 30 people worldwide.
Philippe has extensive experience via itsconsultancy, in a wide range of Risk functions such as underwriting, collections, and compliance but also in Strategy, Business Development, and Macro analysis. Exceptional ability to work in the front line as a key support to senior decision makers. He interacted and supported a salesforce in order to offer products that are tailor-made to the customers and actively participated in multi million deals, as a complement external effort.
He has an MBA from Sciences Po (IEP), Paris, a Masters in econometrics from ULP Strasbourg. He completed a Certificate of International Trade (NYU, USA) and a Certificate of Public Relations (McGill, Canada).

Since 2008: Risk and Business Development Consultancy (Long term assignments). Customers include:

  • SWISS RE, Switzerland and UK (18 months): Leading insurance and reinsurance group.  Over 100 in-depth reports of multinationals including information on footprint, segmentation, positioning, financial performance, market position and benchmarking, corporate strategy, litigations and reputation, Sustainability assessment, SWOT, recommendations to the sales team.
  • GEM Containers, UK (over 5 years): Asset management company (over $100m of value). Chief Risk Officer functions, including Enterprise Risk Management (counterparty analysis, collections, billing and Strategy Risk Management (Competitors’ analysis, Strategy, Macro analysis of the environment). Valuation of company for M&A; Preparation of investors’ kit for growth/refinancing. System maintenance; Strategy & Business Development. Business Plan.
  • Euler Hermes, France (3 years): Leading Group in credit insurance, collection, bonding. In-depth research on large multi-national customers in order to understand the main risks they face and provide them with tailored sales solutions to help to mitigate risks. Ultimately, the function contributes to positioning Euler Hermes as both an expert and long-term partner. Underlying Global Advisor approach is to help sales force by providing the tools to adapt offers to actual situation. Nominated as best idea of the year 2015; Created a new cooperation model with Allianz in mitigating risks through joint package solutions; Part of the Customer Centricity initiative as the Global Advisor approach has been retained as the best way to understand customers’ needs for multinationals.
  • AON Risk Solutions, Switzerland (6 months): Insurance Broker. Goal to address Risk needs for large Swiss customers (Underwriting, scoring, macro environment, benchmarking) and issues on IFRS9/15 (calculation of bad debt provisions). Working capital optimization. Bonding.
  • Danske Commodities A/S, Denmark (over 5 years)Energy trading. In charge of the scoring and the creditworthiness analysis of all counterparts (approx. 200 customers), using own scoring matrix.Also in charge of macroeconomic and benchmarking analysis.Credit Director. 
  • Global-Risk Management A/S, Denmark (4 years)Bunker trading. In charge of the scoring and the creditworthiness analysis of all counterparts (approx. 200 customers), using own scoring matrix. Credit Director.
  • SeaAxis Ltd, UK (3 years): Container leasing. Chief Risk Officer functions (ERM and SRM). Vice President Risk, Corporate.
  • Miscellaneous: Other ad-hoc customers, including Maersk in Denmark, CMA CGM in France, Global Ports investments in Cyprus, etc.

Previous experiences:

GE Capital, London - Chief Risk Officer: From 1996 to 2008, I have been the Chief Risk Officer of GE SeaCo, a subsidiary of GE Capital. In charge of Business Development and Strategy and responsible for a portfolio of approximately 700 customers in over 90 countries. About 30 direct reports.

L'Oréal, Paris - Internal auditor: From 1994 to 1996 I reviewed and led analysis of financial reporting and internal procedures to comply with head office norms, Identified financial and operational productivity improvement opportunities. Assignments in Asia, Europe and Americas."

Hoechst, Montréal - Financial Controller: From 1992 to 1994, I was in charge of the financial reporting to the German, French and American shareholders, quarterly indicators, three-year budget.

Mercuria, Paris – Economist:From 1990 to 1992 I developed and implemented an econometric model to forecast crop yield in Côte d’Ivoire and worldwide. Performed daily market forecasts to provide market intelligence to traders. Market intelligence. Weekly economic studies for cocoa department.


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