The solution consisted of completing the reviews of the counterpart on a daily basis and prepare for the growth.

The milestones were the following:

  • Create a scoring matrix with criterion that are objective and systematic
  • Create and implement detailed procedures for reviews & approvals and compliance
  • Review the existing and new customers and score them
  • Complete automatically updated portfolio analysis notably in terms of concentration
  • Interview and hire Credit Risk managers and portfolio managers. Training and supervision
  • Complete a benchmarking on competitors
  • Complete Macroeconomic analysis to help determining growth focus
  • Ensure a smooth transition

As a result:

The energy trading company grew by multiplying its total revenues by fivefold in 4 years. Its Credit management and compliance is top of the class. It passed with success a compliance audit made by local authorities. The Company's default rate was much lower than its competitors.

Its growth was also the result of PH Global Advisor's analysis to focus on the right segments.

Nowadays, the energy trading company is still using the scoring matrix and an identical way to analyse its portfolio.